Reset HP Laser Jet P2035n

Reset the Network Information to factory settings :
1. power it down
2. hold down BOTH buttons (go and cancel)
3. power on (still holding down buttons)
4. all lights come on at same time, success

Print a configuration page

The Configuration page lists current settings and properties of the printer. It also contains a status log report. To print a configuration page, do one of the following:

  • Press and hold the Go button for 5 seconds when the printer Ready light is on and no other jobs are printing.
  • Select it from the Print Information Pages drop-down list on the Services tab in Printer Preferences .
View or change network settings

You can use the embedded Web server to view or change IP configuration settings.
  1. Print a configuration page, and locate the IP address.
    • If you are using IPv4, the IP address contains only digits. It has this format:
    • If you are using IPv6, the IP address is a hexadecimal combination of characters and digits. It has this format:
  2. Type the IP address into the address line of a Web browser to open the embedded Web server.
  3. Click the Networking tab to obtain network information. You can change settings as needed.


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